Our services includes packaging and loading whichever vehicles you buy from us or somewhere else. We can offer you a competitive loading and transport price. We are surrounded with a lot of loading experts and here are just the tip of the iceberg.


12238339_494738914019518_8513698700319238640_o.jpg  12694555_538870806272995_4980963555198885050_o.jpg  12695022_522424987917577_4675949274543937569_o.jpg


12772067_530468433779899_2475765766116080378_o.jpg  DPX_Trucks_Service_Loading.jpg  14707838_635888843237857_948196051834111688_o.jpg


13483145_1744125502510275_5363403421848699537_o.jpg  12419298_522425021250907_602542483992373813_o.jpg  13443285_1744125519176940_3874577515616304598_o.jpg

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IMG_8679.JPG  IMG_8669.JPG  IMG_8664.JPG

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If you also have interest in loading spare parts with your purchased vehicles, we have a lot of truck parts you can ever think of. You can have a quick view below just to have an idea of what we are talking about.


IMG_8484.JPG  IMG_8479.JPG  IMG_8481.JPG


IMG_8459.JPG  IMG_8463.JPG  IMG_8461.JPG


IMG_8450.JPG  IMG_8444.JPG  IMG_8426.JPG

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